Become Comfortable With Not Being Perfect

If you struggle with making decisions, you must read this post written by my husband’s cousin Dom. He knows what’s up when it comes to taking command of your life.

Here is my takeaway:

The characteristics of indecision that spoke to me the most were that it skews, weakens and that it’s a thief. Dom and I had a little e-mail chat about this and he left me with something very powerful, something that I’ve thought about ever since. Here you have it:

“The game: becoming comfortable with not being perfect. Pick a few things that require a decision, make them, realize they won’t be perfect decisions, get comfortable with not making perfect decisions, and reap the rewards of being in motion. Trust me, it’s fun.”

Become comfortable with not being perfect?!?!?! How on Earth would I do this?! Since I can remember, I’ve done my best to make sure everything I do is “perfect”. And let me tell you, not only does operating this way constantly set you up for disappointment, but it’s downright exhausting. So becoming comfortable with not being perfect has been a huge challenge for me, but something I knew I needed to do for myself.

So, I decided to take his advice and put my new decision-making skills into action. And he was right – making imperfect decisions is fun, it’s very fun. That’s actually how this blog was born. When I first thought about creating it, normally I would have gone back and forth with myself about a zillion times before I made a decision as to whether or not I “should” (see, there’s that word again!) do it. Would people like it? Would it serve a purpose? Would I deliver my message in the right way? But in the pit of my stomach, I really wanted to do it. So within a few days, it was up and I’m in motion.

So with that, kick indecision to the side and get in motion! YOU will be happy you did!

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