I Admire Your Selfie

Welp, its official, I’m terrible at taking selfies! I’ve always admired people who take them, are carefree while taking them and actually look good in them.

I rarely take selfies because I sometimes wonder who is staring back at me (Do I really look like that? Someone needs to fix selfie-mode!), my husband loathes them so he won’t take them with me, and they just overall intimidate me. But I had a case of the giggles today so I thought, I’m going to give this selfie thing a whirl! Totally random but that’s what happened.

And these were the best shots of about 100 takes. 😳 I tried the serious look, then that duck face thing (not my best look 😬), and then a series of WTF faces followed as I realized maybe there’s a reason the Kardashians make all of that money after all…this selfie thing ain’t easy! (No offense to the Kardashians, I’m a lover, not a hater!)

Anyway, the whole thing made me laugh so I thought I’d share. It also confirmed the fact that just because I admire something someone else does doesn’t mean I need to follow suit. Sometimes it’s just best to admire and stop at that. And this goes for many things in life, not just taking selfies! 😉 

Cheers! Charlotte xoxo

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