Just the other night, I was going through old family photos with Jade and came across this Polaroid – a picture that says “I love you!!!” a million times over. As my eyes welled up with tears, I looked at Jade and said, “Wasn’t my Mom so pretty? You got your adorable cheeks from her.”… Continue reading

The Fruits + Veggies of Life

Hello to my long lost friends, I’ve missed you! I apologize for taking such a long break from blogging but there’s a reason. I took a few months off for some ultimate “me time”, and had I planned on doing this, I would have of course told you. But as we know, life can be… Continue reading The Fruits + Veggies of Life

Me Time Redefined

When your kids are sick, you’re sick and your husband is traveling for work all week, it’s nearly impossible to find time for yourself. In a nutshell, this was how my “me time” panned out last week: No early morning runs – with no energy and no one besides me to hold down the fort,… Continue reading Me Time Redefined

I Admire Your Selfie

Welp, its official, I’m terrible at taking selfies! I’ve always admired people who take them, are carefree while taking them and actually look good in them. I rarely take selfies because I sometimes wonder who is staring back at me (Do I really look like that? Someone needs to fix selfie-mode!), my husband loathes them… Continue reading I Admire Your Selfie

Win That Trophy

Hello and Happy New Year! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays, I know we did! Christmas was especially exciting this year because Jade is at the age where she really gets it, every part of it. Seeing her relish in the magic of it all brings me back to my most special Christmas mornings as… Continue reading Win That Trophy

You’re Just A Mom

“You’re just a Mom.” This was exactly what I needed to hear, and I’m not being sarcastic. Let me explain: So last week was a rough one. I mean, in the grand scheme of life, it was a cake walk, but in the moment, last week was the pits. Kent and I arrived home on… Continue reading You’re Just A Mom

Respond. Don’t React.

If you are one of those people who naturally faces confrontation with ease and grace, you are awesome. Really, truly, awesome. And if you are like me, you are still awesome (😜), but we need a little help when it comes to getting things off our chest. Ok, we need a lot of help, but… Continue reading Respond. Don’t React.

They Must Have It Better Than Me

Over the weekend I was updating our photos around the house, mainly replacing old photos with the ones we had taken on our family vacation this summer. I love these pictures so much as they perfectly capture the love we all have for each other, but they also make me laugh and shake my head… Continue reading They Must Have It Better Than Me

Find Your Stacey

Last week, I got a good giggle off my chest with My Inner Party Monster post instead of writing about the original, more serious topic I had in mind. The topic I was referring to was therapy, and I’m going to tackle it today. Writing about therapy (as in talking to a therapist) has been on my… Continue reading Find Your Stacey

My Inner Party Monster

I just sat down at Starbucks with big plans to write about a serious topic that is very close to my heart, but that post has to wait. I need to switch gears from my serious side to my silly side this time. It’s only fitting after this week’s festivities! Ok, so as everyone knows,… Continue reading My Inner Party Monster