Don’t Dismiss Them. Embrace Them.

Just a quick thought for today – it’s a lesson I’m still learning too. It’s a tough one to master but an important one: Do you ever find yourself saying, “I know people have way worse problems, but…” and then go on to explain how you’re feeling? Whether you’re saying this to yourself or to… Continue reading Don’t Dismiss Them. Embrace Them.

My Husband is Selfish

So yes, a few years ago, I flipped a lid and told my husband he was selfish.  I may have even given him dagger eyes and told him he was VERY selfish. But all I kept hearing were questions like: Do you mind if I go for a run? Do you care if I play… Continue reading My Husband is Selfish

Weekend Challenge

So it’s Friday (cheers!), and the weekend is pretty much here. I’m sure you have plans set and a multitude of things you must get done. But what are you planning to do for yourself? I challenge you to get a pen and paper out and write down what you’re going to do, what YOU… Continue reading Weekend Challenge

Just Go to Trader Joe’s

Seriously, if you’re not yet a fan of Trader Joe’s, you need to be. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, just go for the pure fact that the experience will bring a smile to your face. I have yet to go there without at least one worker genuinely asking me about my day,… Continue reading Just Go to Trader Joe’s

Let Your Hair Blow in the Wind

OK so today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I felt very irritable and just overall not thrilled for it to already be morning again. But I knew that was not how I wanted to feel for the rest the day, so something had to change. It took me a few… Continue reading Let Your Hair Blow in the Wind

Become Comfortable With Not Being Perfect

If you struggle with making decisions, you must read this post written by my husband’s cousin Dom. He knows what’s up when it comes to taking command of your life. Here is my takeaway: The characteristics of indecision that spoke to me the most were that it skews, weakens and that it’s a thief. Dom and I… Continue reading Become Comfortable With Not Being Perfect

People Will Judge

People judge. They judge nicely, not so nicely, and somewhere in between. We can’t fix it, there’s no cure, it is what is is. While many people could use a lesson in the delivery of their judgement, at the end of the day, they still judge. So the sooner we come to terms with this,… Continue reading People Will Judge

Staying at Home is a Plan

Just a little tip for today – I learned this one a few years back and it has been extremely helpful for this “yes” girl: If someone invites you to do something – brunch, lunch, dinner, whatever – at a time when you dreamed of cozying up at home, don’t feel like you have to… Continue reading Staying at Home is a Plan

The Word “Should”

Ok so yes, here and there, the word “should” has a place in our vocabulary. But more often times than not, the word “should” needs to be kicked to the curb. – I SHOULD take care of all of the household to dos myself, it’s my job. (Even though it would be a huge relief… Continue reading The Word “Should”

Time to Prep!

Sunday is a great day to sit down, plan out your week and figure out where your “me time” fits in each and everyday. Now I’m not saying you need to carve out time for a massage every day (even though that would be nice 😀), I’m even talking about the little things like setting your… Continue reading Time to Prep!