Time to Prep!


Sunday is a great day to sit down, plan out your week and figure out where your “me time” fits in each and everyday. Now I’m not saying you need to carve out time for a massage every day (even though that would be nice 😀), I’m even talking about the little things like setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier to guarantee you make it to the shower everyday (if you’re a mom, you know this task can be tough!) Here are a few ideas of things you can plan to do for yourself throughout the week:

🎀Haven’t seen your best friend in awhile? Reach out and setup a time to get together this week. Get crazy and do it on Monday…it just might help wipe away your “Case of the Mondays”.

🎀Don’t feel like cooking another dinner for the family? Order takeout…it’s okay, your family won’t disown you 😜.

🎀Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier to get in an at home workout 🏋️♀️, they are great and make you sweat like crazy! Your feeling of accomplishment will set your day off on the right foot, no doubt!

🎀Walk around the block. Yes, just 🚶‍♀️around the block. If you have kids, ask your partner to hold down the fort for 15 minutes (they can do it ) and set out to clear your mind for a few.

🎀Cutoff all of your to dos at 8:00 PM – household to dos, work to dos, whatever – and sit down to watch your favorite show with a beverage of choice in hand 🍷. You deserve it, the other stuff WILL get done and doesn’t need to get done right this minute.

So start prepping and make sure to enjoy a daily dose of YOU every single day!!

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