The Word “Should”


Ok so yes, here and there, the word “should” has a place in our vocabulary. But more often times than not, the word “should” needs to be kicked to the curb.

– I SHOULD take care of all of the household to dos myself, it’s my job. (Even though it would be a huge relief to have some help).

– I SHOULD go to the party, all of my friends will be there. (Even though I’m exhausted and could really use a night in.)

– I SHOULD raid Pinterest to make sure my kids birthday party matches up to the birthday party hoopla these days. (Even though I’d like to revert back to old school birthday parties involving cake and pin the tail on the donkey.)

– I SHOULD spend my down time checking off everything on my to do list. (Even though I would really love to just relax and watch The Bachelor.)

– I SHOULD skip my workout, I really need to prep dinner. (Even though I’d love to sneak out for a 30 minute jog.)

– I SHOULD skip my girls night, it’s too much for the family when I’m gone. (Even though I’m dying for girl time and a much needed reboot.)

Guess what?

– You NEED to ask for help, you will feel so much better when you do.

– You NEED to skip the party, there will be others.

– You NEED to take it down a notch, kids birthday parties are not a competition.

– You NEED to watch The Bachelor, the to do list always gets done.

– You NEED to go on your run, dinner will get served.

– You NEED to go on your girls night, your family just might survive without you!

So I challenge you, when the word “should” enters your vocabulary, face it head on. Does it have a place or can you kick it to the curb? My guess is you’ll need to kick it and enjoy a daily dose of YOU!

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