Staying at Home is a Plan


Just a little tip for today – I learned this one a few years back and it has been extremely helpful for this “yes” girl:

If someone invites you to do something – brunch, lunch, dinner, whatever – at a time when you dreamed of cozying up at home, don’t feel like you have to accept the invite because you “don’t have plans”. Just because you’re not out and about doesn’t mean you don’t have plans. Staying at home is a plan. That was your plan and you were excited about it, so don’t shove it to the side. Thank the person for the invite but tell them you are busy…without the play by play as to what it is that you’re busy doing, that part is your business and is not necessary. You already have plans, end of story.

And PS – After you say this, don’t sit there and feel guilty about it. Be happy you stuck to YOUR plan and enjoy!

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