Don’t Dismiss Them. Embrace Them.

Just a quick thought for today – it’s a lesson I’m still learning too. It’s a tough one to master but an important one:
Do you ever find yourself saying, “I know people have way worse problems, but…” and then go on to explain how you’re feeling? Whether you’re saying this to yourself or to someone else, don’t. Don’t do this to yourself. Someone will always have worse problems than you, and someone will always have it better than you. That’s life. When we rank our feelings against what others must be going through, we are once again cheating ourselves of our actual self. We are human, we have feelings, and we all deserve to feel them.

So don’t dismiss your feelings. Embrace them. Figure out why you’re feeling the way you are, what you can do to make yourself feel better and move on. YOU are worth it.

Cheers, Happy Friday and GO CUBBIES!!! – Charlotte

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